Welcome to our new ME educator, Professor Dr Captain Ed Snyders

We are delighted to announce Professor Doctor Captain Ed Snyders as our new Maritime Economics Educator!  Mr Brian Ingpen, who has been with the Maritime Studies Programme since it was formalised in 1997, will work alongside Professor Snyders before handing over the reins at a date still to be determined.

Much of the success of our Maritime Studies programme lies in the unique ‘Lawhill’ approach and educational methods which has been developed over time and we are most grateful to the AP Moller Foundation for providing funding for our ME succession programme.  Appointing a new maritime educator in our programme is about far more than finding someone with the appropriate educational and subject knowledge; it is also about ensuring that the special Lawhill culture, ethos and traditions – which have been fundamental to our programme and its success – are passed on.

We have found a most worthy successor in Professor Snyders and invite you to click on the link below to read more about his distinguished career in the maritime industry.

EDS bio 16 July 2018

ed snyders