Captain Rolf Sieboldt-Berry – living his dream

At the beginning of February 2015, former Simon’s Town School student and Lawhill’s newest Master, 29 year old Captain Rolf Sieboldt-Berry, visited the school to talk about his career, a career which has taken him to every continent in the world and to places few have been and seen.

He shared his experiences as an officer for four years on board one of the biggest Superyachts in the world (complete with its own submarine and helicopter!). He also spoke about the pioneering nature of the Superyacht industry, how some of the innovations in this industry had the potential to and were influencing commercial shipping and vessel designs and about the many exciting careers available in the Superyacht and allied industries which lay ahead for hard working Lawhill maritime studies and navigational science students at Lawhill.
Rolf, who matriculated from Simon’s Town School’s Lawhill Maritime Centre at the end of 2003, is the school’s third former student to obtain his internationally-recognised Master’s Certificate of Competency and only the second to obtain the Unlimited qualification which permits him to command a ship of any size.
Three more former Lawhill students are expected to obtain their Master’s certificates in 2015.