Academic resources for maritime subjects can be found here:

1)  Maritime Economics

Visit for Grade 10 to Grade 12 content.

Click below for  an overview of the Maritime Economics syllabus  (abridged version).


2) Nautical Sciences

A Nautical Science online textbook can be found on

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The notes provided below are not designed to replace more detailed or definitive manuals on the subjects covered but to serve as an introduction . The content of these documents has been derived from a relatively wide selection of source publications, documents, pamphlets and articles in publications and on the internet, as well as the compiler’s own experiences at sea.

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Click below for an overview of the Nautical Science syllabus (abridged version).



Click on the below link to complete a FREE E-Learning course on how the maritime industry can reduce its environmental carbon footprint. Those who complete the course and pass the quiz questions at the end, will be awarded an IMO certificate: