“Lawhill is immensely grateful to the many companies, individuals and organisations that have provided student bursaries and helped to fund our operation.”

“Your contributions have assisted many of our students to embark on worthwhile, interesting, unusual and exciting careers within the maritime industry, careers which have made them and their families more financially secure.”

Your continued financial support will allow the STS Lawhill Maritime Centre to continue its track record of success into the future!

All financial donations to the Lawhill Maritime Centre are monitored and administered by the Bursar at Simons Town School.   Enquiries regarding financial statements will be addressed to the Bursar.

Funds can also be donated to the independent Lawhill Educational Trust.  Copies of the Trust Deed and details of Trustees are available on request.  Please contact us should you wish to receive further information.  Email info@lawhill.org

Some of our key supporters over the years have been:


Socio-Economic Development (SED) is a fundamental pillar in AMSOL’s overall transformation strategy. The company has a long history of partnering with employees, communities, clients and industry stakeholders to ensure meaningful socio-economic development in its areas of operation. The company supports the STS Lawhill Maritime Centre by providing targeted donations that are used to enhance Lawhill’s teaching resources and infrastructure.  They also provide tertiary study bursaries in addition to bursaries to study at Lawhill. Visit http://www. amsol.co.za  for more information on the company.

Grindrod Limited:

Several project-related grants during the life of Lawhill’s operation have assisted us to achieve specific goals and to purchase essential equipment to assist with our overall provision of quality maritime education. A number of our past students are employed within the Grindrod Group at sea or ashore.


Namport, operating as the National Port Authority in Namibia since 1994, manages both the Port of Walvis Bay and the Port of Lüderitz in Namibia. Namport is committed to providing world-class port services to all local, regional and international seaborne trade through excellent customer service, sustainable growth and social responsibility. Namport has provided tuition and accommodation bursaries to Namibian students wishing to attend Lawhill since 2012. www.namport.com.na

Maersk Line (including Safmarine Container Lines):

Safmarine was our anchor sponsor for more than two decades until the brand ceased to exist in 2020 and Maersk Line, which owned Safmarine since 1999, took over as our anchor supporter.

When it was established by Safmarine, the Lawhill Maritime Studies programme was the culmination of a partnership established in 1995 between shipping line Safmarine, Simons Town School and the Department of Education. The programme was formally established in 1997. Safmarine was a loyal sponsor of Lawhill since the programme’s inception and its support since 1995 made it possible for hundreds of young South Africans to escape poverty by embarking on meaningful careers both ashore and at sea. Safmarine’s support has also lead to a valuable introduction to the Maersk Foundation.

SATS General Botha Old Boys Bursary Fund (GBOBBF):

The fund provides bursaries for students in Grades 10 – 12 to study at the Lawhill Maritime Centre in Simon’s Town. Members of the GBOBBF are also involved in providing mentoring support, motivational outreach activities and they meet regularly with students to assess their progress and to mentor their incorporation into the maritime industry. The Fund was initiated in April 2011 by Phil Wade after a visit by four SATS General Botha Old Boys Association (GBOBA) to the Lawhill Maritime Centre. Visit http://www.gbbursaryfund.co.za/ for more information on the fund and www.marineinspirations.org about an initiative, launched by Phil Wade and Anthony Just, which is endorsed by the General Botha Old Boys Bursary Fund, amongst other private donors.

South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA):

For several years, SAMSA has provided bursaries for selected students  to follow the maritime courses at Lawhill, and thereby, to enter careers that formerly were unknown to them. SAMSA has generously provided bursaries for some past students to complete their tertiary maritime studies at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Visit www.samsa.org.za for more information on SAMSA.

TK Foundation:

The modern Lawhill Maritime Centre facilities – generously donated by the TK Foundation (Bahamas) and several other donors – provides comfortable accommodation, dining and recreational facilities for 66 students who live away from Simon’s Town and its environs. Besides the boarders’ accommodation, the Centre also includes two custom-built classrooms for the teaching of Maritime Economics and Nautical Science. Through the generosity of Mr Sean Day (Chairman, Teekay Corporation, Teekay Offshore LLC and Teekay LNG LLC) and a long-time friend and supporter of the Lawhill Maritime Centre, a prestigious Scholarship programme was introduced in January 2014.    The TK Foundation also provided funding for one educator and two Grade 12 students to travel to Europe in 2017.

The 2020 global COVID-19 pandemic had a devastating impact on many organisations and individuals around the world and the closure of schools, in particular, left many young children – especially those who are wholly reliant on schools for meals and access to learning resources – in desperate need of support.

The Simon’s Town School’s Lawhill Maritime Centre was one of many organisations to benefit from support during the pandemic when the TK Foundation (https://www.tkfoundation.bs/), generously agreed to fund the purchase of protective gear and sanitising products, as well as additional educational support and access to e-learning resources, amongst others.

For more on the TK Foundation, visit http://www.tkfoundation.bs and for more on the Teekay Corporation, visit http://www.teekay.com

Transnet National Ports Authority:

For several years, TNPA has provided bursaries for selected students, enabling them to follow the maritime courses, and thereby, to enter careers that formerly were unknown to them.

For a few years, TNPA also generously provided bursaries for some past students to complete their tertiary maritime studies at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Several of our past students are now employed in harbour craft and in other capacities in TNPA.

We are also most grateful to TNPA for featuring our students in press releases issued to the media, as well as including news on their bursary students in newsletters issued to stakeholders.

For more information on the company, visit www.transnet.net for more information on the Transnet group

A maritime mentoring  programme established to introduce the prospects of a maritime career to youngsters from disadvantaged or less-advantaged backgrounds. Read more on www.marineinspirations.org


  • Maritime arbitrator Mark Hamsher is the bicycle and cycling kit sponsor of the Lawhill Maritime Centre cycling team (in addition to being our team’s Number One supporter!). Technical support for the cycling team is provided by Nils Hansen of Woodstock Cycle Works.  The Hamsher family also sponsored our internet connection for 2015/6 and has supported us in many ways.  The cycling sponsorship ended in 2020, after six wonderful years.
  • Mr Mica & Mrs Marina Naumann – Wonderful supporters of Lawhill and valued counsellors
  • Julie and the late Peter Newall – Prizes and bursaries
  • Captains Keith Pletschke and Anne Till – boarding and tuition bursary for 2016/17/18
  • The Moller Family


  • Jewish Maritime League – Bursaries
  • Sailors Home – Project-specific grants
  • SAMTRA – Courses and bursary for 2017- 2019; Sailing support
  • Society for Master Mariners – Prizes and donation to IT equipment as well as support for Bursaries
  • Grindrod Sturrock Maritime – Project-specific Grant and bursary support
  • MSC – Internships
  • Maersk – Internships
  • Marine Crew Services – Non boarding bursaries – tuition only
  • Community Property Group – Boarding and tuition bursaries
  • Pan African Holdings – boarding and tuition bursary
  • Calulo Foundation – boarding and tuition bursaries

The STS Lawhill Maritime Centre is determined to maintain the high standards associated with the Centre, despite the many financial constraints we face.

The education, welfare and safety of the young people placed in our care are of primary importance to us and as the number of students studying and boarding at Lawhill increases, so too do our financial commitments.

Of particular concern are the increasing cost of utilities, especially as a result of hikes in electricity and water tariffs, and the effect those are having on our operating costs and also on food prices, the latter also being escalated by large increases in the price of petrol and diesel.

We have also incurred increased and unexpected transportation and medical costs and require financial assistance in this regard.

Financial contributions are also welcome to fund extra Mathematics and Physical Science lessons, especially for those students who join us from under-resourced schools where tuition in mathematics and physical science is below expectations.

The STS Lawhill Maritime Centre also welcomes individuals who are willing to volunteer their time to assist the Centre.

See the WISHLIST below for a list of our current requirements/needs.


  • B-BBEE points/certificate – The South African government introduced the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) legislation as an incentive for businesses to become part of the transformation process in South Africa. South African companies can earn valuable B-BBEE points by making a contribution to the Lawhill Maritime Centre as our work benefits previously disadvantaged individuals. Contact us for more details in this regard.
  • Tax incentives are also available for those who make donations/grants to the Lawhill Maritime Centre.

Lawhill does not receive any government funding and as such, sponsorship and grants are needed to fund our entire operation, including student bursaries for tuition and boarding and operational and staffing costs. See below for details on some of items for which we require funding (both project-related and operational).

We will provide 18A Certificates for all donations made, as well as a letter of receipt/thanks and an affidavit, if required.:

LAWHILL WISHLIST. We provide 18A Certificates for all donations

UPDATED may 2020

To update our IT Centre

Detailed quotation available on request

Cost: R50000

Internet access sponsor – uncapped

To sponsor 8MB uncapped for 12 months. Updated quote can be provided on request

Cost: R20000

Upgrading existing www.lawhill.org website

Estimate. Detailed invoice to be provided once improvements have been identified.

Cost: R50000

Heavy duty scanner and photocopier – for school administration use

Est R1000 per month contract; contract can be paid directly by sponsor to supplier. Awaiting an updated quotation. Printer rental.

Cost R12000

Go Pro camera – to produce Lawhill videos in house for Youtube

or cheaper brand. More robust than other cameras. Waterproof.

Cost R8000

Rowing sponsorship

*1 x Coxed sea quad (Estimated cost, second hand and refurbished, ZAR 100 000); *5 x pairs carbon fibre sculling oars (ZAR 8 000 per pair)
*5 x Life Jackets (ZAR 500 each); *1 X Double sea scull, new (ZAR 60 000);
*2 x pairs carbon fibre sculling oars (ZAR 8 000 per pair); *2 x Life Jackets (ZAR 500 each); *20 x CCRC, Lawhill and sponsor-branded rowing shirts (ZAR 300 each)

More details on the structured, educational rowing programme available on request. BRANDING opportunities available

Cost R250 000

Upgrading phone system (ie switchboard).We currently have one handsfree phone. We urgently need to upgrade to a VOIP system

This is an estimated once off cost. If a monthly contract fee, option for sponsor to pay that.

Cost R35000

Funding for student bursaries (tuition and boarding and transport assistance) – 2020

Fee for 2022= R79920 (tuition and boarding only). Per student. Excludes transportation

Cost R79920

Funding for in-service teacher training (succession planning: Nautical Sciences)


Cost R0

Funding for our IT and related costs – adhoc eg to purchase consumables (print cartridges) and maintain our computer centre ie call out fees for IT support

This to pay for cartridges and for call out fees when Lawhill is unable to solve the IT issue inhouse

Cost R20000

Funding for DSTV – 3 student TV points – common room, tv lounges boy and girl. Access to news channels

1000 per month

Cost R12000

Subscription to Newspapers and Time Magazine TO ENCOURAGE READING

estimate. Sunday Times and Time Magazine.

Cost R2500

Funding for security upgrades to the Lawhill Maritime Centre – enlarging our CCTV system to cover additions to building

Using existing supplier – to extend with three points. Price to be confirmed (waiting on updated quote, including cabling and provision of wi-fi cameras)

Cost R200000

Funding for promotional materials eg promotional leaflets, business cards and portable exhibition stands etc

any amount

Cost R100000

Funding for educational visits ie transport and related costs

any amount

Cost R200000

Funding for additional group and individual tutoring in Mathematics and Physical Science (ongoing requirement) – also Study Guides and access to Video resources

Per annum. Any amount will do.

Cost R150000

Funding to cover expenses for students selected to participate in international events (these would be costs not covered by trip sponsors and include VISA application fees, clothing, toiletries, etc required for the student’s trip)

Per trip – depends on number of students going. This is for average 3 students

Cost R8000

Contributions to our Medical costs

Since the vast majority of our students do not have access to medical aid, Lawhill requires funding to cover the cost of over-the-counter medicines for boarders as well as costs incurred for dental or medical emergencies which cannot be dealt with by False Bay Hospital (the nearest government hospital which has a three week waiting period for dental treatments). This fund would also cover the cost of medical repatriation of boarders following (or because of) serious illness and should include provision for a bus/train or airfare for a family member or responsible adult to accompany the student.

Any amount. This is for covering private medical costs of students whose families do not have medical aid or who can afford

Cost R10000

Donations to boarders’ Birthday fund

Any amount. This is used to purchase a small gift for students and as well for teambuilding events at Lawhill.

Cost R1000

Maintenance of the Lawhill Maritime Centre – particularly repainting of exterior and interior walls

To replace damaged doors and walls, repainting original building after 10+ years, tiling and cladding of dry walls to strengthen.

Cost R500000

Replacing ageing pictures which are used as teaching aids – sponsoring printing and framing costs

if additional budget remains, we will use it to scan printed images into digital format to be used for instruction

Cost R10000

Funding for production of a short Lawhill audiovisual – to share the Lawhill success stories (purpose – to attract additional funding)

Estimate.. Opportunity to sponsor our Youtube site

Cost R50000

Funding of an alumni campaign


Enhanced E-Learning platform which will provide maritime education to more schools


“Safmarine is immensely proud to have partnered with Simons Town High since the inception of the Maritime Studies programme in 1995 and to have been a consistent and loyal supporter of the programme since its inception.

Not only has the Lawhill Maritime Centre improved the employment prospects of hundreds of young South Africans leaving school each year, but it has also demonstrated how partnerships between the private sector and an educational institution can help address one of South Africa’s most pressing social issues, namely youth unemployment and poverty.” – Grant Daly, former Safmarine CEO