Between 2014 and 2019, Marine Inspirations successfully brought maritime students from under-served communities in South Africa to Palma de Mallorca in Spain, offering them a life-changing experience and nurturing their maritime dreams by introducing them the superyacht industry.

These trips are back on after a brief postponement in 2020-2022 as a result of COVID.  The 2023 trip will take place in September 2023 when four deserving students will once again be shown how the superyacht industry works as well as getting hands on experience living aboard a sail boat that we hope to charter.   Click here to read more about this trip and its importance ..

What is happening in September 2023  

Four Grade 12 students who are currently at Lawhill Maritime Centre and the Royal Cape Yacht Club Sailing Academy who aspire to a career at sea. They will arrive in Mallorca on September 21 and fly back to SA on October 2, 2023 to complete their high school studies. For some of them this will be the first time in an airplane!

Help us pay it forward!:

To make this educational journey possible, we are seeking generous sponsors who can support specific expenses, especially local expenses incurred in South Africa (such as VISA application costs) as well as contributions to costs in Spain – such as meals and transport.   Thank you to those sponsors who have already paid for the airfares and travel insurance.

In return for their support, we will recognise the contribution made on various platforms, including on the web ( and as well as social media. We’ve also had great media coverage in the past and hope to have more of the same.   

All supporter names/logos will be featured in a special video, which will be shared on YouTube.

The Sponsorship Process:

To facilitate the 2023 programme, Phil Wade, co-founder of Marine Inspirations, has created a list of expenses that sponsors can choose from and which they can support directly.  Sponsorship options range from small contributions, such as for a group lunch outing, to larger ones.

By associating your name with the item that you sponsor, a contributor can demonstrate his/her investment in a future maritime generation and to nurturing young maritime talents. It is also a potentially great corporate marketing opportunity.

Sponsorship opportunities – how you can support the trip:


  1. VISA application costs – R10 046.32 (total or R2511.58 per person x 4)
  2. Boat Charter (40 feet, 10 days): (Marine Inspirations is looking for a donated boat or reasonably-priced charter  – or any other suggestions)
  3. Boat Dockage Fees (10 days): Hoping to get at a discounted price
  4. Various Transport Costs/Fuel: €100 or R2000
  5. Food on Board Yacht (Breakfast, Coffee, Snacks, Fruit, etc.): €200 or R4000
  6. Dinners on board (Takeaways etc)  (6 x €50): €300  or R6000
  7. Lunch Outings (6 times, each €100): R2000 x 6 = R12000
  8. Spending Money (€50 each): €200 /R 4000 (Can be sponsored individually) . These will private and not be broadcast on the websites and social media.

If you are able to assist with funding one of the above please contact Debbie Owen via email on

All donations can be made via EFT into the Lawhil Maritime Educational Trust  – the Trust will then pay them over to Marine Inspirations in Spain.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE CHECK  to see what sponsorship opportunities are still available.  All donations will be acknowledged on social media platforms, so this is a great opportunity for individuals and businesses to gain positive publicity in addition to ‘’paying it forward’’ to those who need it most.

Please visit to view the thank you’s from the students to those who have sponsored airtickets and food for their trip.

We all know the world will be a far better place if we all paid it forward, so if you have the means, please consider supporting this initiative.


Also, if you have read this far you may want to look at a recent  article on page 17 in the July issue of The Islander Magazine – it focuses on one of our alumni, Lutho Thomas and his success in the superyacht space.