Return to Lawhill – Shuttle bus details – Term 3

Transfers -june and july2017

Dear Lawhill ‘Amaboarders’.

We are looking forward to having you back at Lawhill on Sunday 23 July for another busy term.

Please make sure you have your bus ticket and your ID book/birth certificate with you when boarding the bus – and be sure to give yourself sufficient time to get to the bus station.  A shuttle will bring you to Lawhill once you arrive at the Cape Town bus terminal.  

Please download or view the  pdf – as per the link above –  to see your Shuttle Times (if your bus arrives early, please wait for your shuttle).  The pdf shows your bus arrival time as well as the time of the shuttle booking – please advise Mrs Owen via whatapp or sms if the time of your bus arrival (as per the ticket) differs from the time in this document.

Note:  Only phone Lawhill  or Mrs Owen if the shuttle has not arrived after 30 minutes of the allocated time.  And please remember to wait for students whose buses are late.

NOTE: Namibians students will arrive on Sat.  Details for Mossel Bay students to be confirmed.

Travel safe!