Lawhill 2020 – End of Year Newsletter: From A – Z

The Year 2020 forced the Lawhill team to take on the seemingly impossible, to attend to an unprecedented array of logistical and technological challenges, to teach in new and unfamiliar ways and to stretch our comfort zones like never before.

When lockdown was announced at the end of March, we were confronted with the challenge of supporting our students at home, both academically and emotionally – and for those families who had lost income, financially.

The global COVID-19 pandemic may have impacted all of us, but its impact on the young and vulnerable has been unprecedented.

Despite facing many uncertainties, this was not a time for complacency.  It was, instead, a time for taking action, for demonstrating compassion and for constant communication. It was also a time for finding solutions, especially for our students, the vast majority of whom are from under-resourced communities.

The Lawhill team rose to each and every challenge, acquiring new skills as we learnt to work collaboratively, setting up numerous WhatsApp groups and shared Google Sheets and, once the boarders were back at the hostel and unable to return home until the end of the year, working seven days a week to keep them focused, motivated and infection-free.

And, we did it – as a team, and thanks to your support. Credit must also go to the boarders – energetic young people who stepped up to the plate as well and whose cooperation helped to ameliorate an otherwise very difficult time for us all.

Please join us as we reflect on an extraordinary year and celebrate achievement and resilience.

Warm regards

The Lawhill team

December 2020

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Lawhill – End of Year Newsletter-2020