International Honour for Captain Nicholas Sloane

The Lawhill Maritime Centre wishes to congratulate Captain Nicholas (Nick) Sloane on the international recognition he has received for his outstanding achievements associated with the refloating of the cruise ship, Costa Concordia, described as the largest salvage operation ever.

The recognitions include:

–  The Cavaliere del Lavoro della Repubblica Italiana, an Italian order of knighthood.

–  The Deutscher Meerespreis 2015 – the German Ocean Award – presented by the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel and the Deutsche Bank AG.

In addition to extending our sincere congratulations to Captain Sloane, we also wish to express our disappointment that Captain Sloane, although nominated, was not among the worthy South Africans who received the Order of the Boabab National Orders awarded in April by the South African Government.

Considering the immense honour Captain Sloane’s achievements have brought to the South African maritime industry and our country – and in light of the importance of Operation Phakisa – the National Orders presented an opportunity to recognise Captain Sloane’s achievements by bestowing this local honour on our world-acclaimed salvor.

Please click on the links below to read/view more about the German Ocean Award presented earlier this week to Captain Sloane.

Link to the TV coverage on NDR TV below:,shmag33416.html

nick sloane german award

Link to Geomar website coverage and press release;