Help us invest in a future maritime generation!

Operating for 20 years, Lawhill Maritime Centre is a non-racial establishment that introduces young people to the maritime industry and exposes them to a variety of exciting career opportunities at sea or ashore.   The vast majority of our learners come from financially-challenged backgrounds, many are from single-parent homes (some are orphans), and the overwhelming majority come from townships or informal settlements.

Despite the disadvantages that life has dealt them, they display determination to do their best and a most positive work ethic and we are immensely proud of our alumni’s track record of success.

The Lawhill Maritime Centre is committed to continuing this track record of success by maintaining the high standards associated with the Centre, despite the many financial constraints we face.  The education, welfare and safety of the young people placed in our care are of primary importance to us and as our programme grows, so too do our financial commitments!

Of particular concern are the increasing cost of food as well as electricity and water tariffs, and the effect those are having on our operating costs.  We have also incurred increased and unexpected transportation and medical costs and require financial assistance in this regard.  We also require funding to maintain and upgrade our Computer Centre, which is used extensively by our students. 

The Lawhill Maritime Centre is entirely funded by donations and grants – we do not receive any State support for our programme, despite being part of a government school.

All financial donations to the Lawhill Maritime Centre are monitored and administered by the Bursar at Simons Town School and are audited annually by an independent firm of chartered accountants. Copies of the latest financial statements are available on request.

Please contact us for more details on how you can support our programmes and our students!