Interested in applying for our maritime studies programme?

Applications are open to those studying Grade 9 in 2017 who meet the following criteria:

· The applicant must also be of the appropriate age for Grade 10, i.e. between 14 and 16 years on 1 January of the year that he/she will enter Grade 10.

· A minimum of 60% pass in Mathematics, Natural Sciences and English in Grade 9 is required.

· A certified copy of the student’s Grade 9 Term Two report needs to be provided.

· Because of the high standards of discipline at the Lawhill Maritime Centre, the applicant must provide a behavioural and academic reference from his/her present school principal.

· An excellent behavioural record is a prerequisite for any new entrants to the Maritime Programme. The Centre is managed to provide a structured, disciplined, yet pleasant and stimulating experience for students. Strict control of students is enforced by the entire Lawhill team in the interests of maintaining a professional and safe environment. Any student found contravening the Code of Conduct of Lawhill will be dealt with in the appropriate manner.

· Proof of community involvement (e.g. sports clubs; church clubs; youth clubs, etc)

· A sparkle that shows enthusiasm, positive attitudes and initiative (We call it OOMPH!)

· Although we do not require a medical fitness certificate, we caution about the following ailments that will preclude a student from entering a sea-going career epilepsy; diabetes; poor vision and/or colour blindness; any form of physical disability.

All students wishing to study at Simon’s Town School’s Maritime Studies programme are required to complete two forms – one to apply to Simon’s Town School (A government school) and one to apply for a bursary and to stay at the Lawhill Hostel (a private facility which receives no State funding).

The forms to apply for a Maritime Studies study and hostel bursary and admission to the school can be downloaded here:

Hostel and bursary application 2018


Please download both these forms, complete them IN FULL and post them via registered mail before the closing date (end of August) in order to be considered for a place.

Please post the forms to THE HEAD, LAWHILL MARITIME CENTRE, PO BOX 38, SIMONS TOWN, 7995

Please note that we require you to submit your Grade 9 Term 2 results. We also require a minimum 60 percent pass in mathematics, physical sciences and English. You may also submit your Grade 8 report.

Please ensure you submit all the documents and complete the forms in full, otherwise your application will not be considered.

Completed application forms (see above) must reach the Lawhill Maritime Centre before 31 August on the year prior to prospective entry.

A certified copy of the applicant’s June report and a recent photograph (passport size) must be attached to that application form.

You will be advised via SMS/email whether our application was successful or not. Advices are usually sent out around 15 November of the applicant’s Grade 9 year.

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