Those who are in Grade 9 in 2024 and who wish to apply to join our programme in Grade 10 in 2025 need to submit TWO application forms – as below – by 12 APRIL 2024Please read all of the below as incomplete applications will be discarded.

Application forms must be sent via postal service – THEY MUST NOT BE EMAILED.   We recommend sending them to POSTNET HARBOUR BAY, SIMON’S TOWN and NOT TO THE POST OFFICE.  
Applications must be sent FOR ATTENTION – STS LAWHILL MARITIME CENTRE.  If you do not mark the envelope as aforementioned, the envelope may not reach us and the application not processed.  We will not take responsibility for any applications not properly addressed.
We will also accept PAXI parcels sent from PEP to PEP.  Please send these to the PEP Stores in FISH HOEK (Triangle Building, 60 Main Road, Fish Hoek, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, 7975).
IMPORTANT: If you make use of the PAXI or POSTNET services, please send a copy of the waybill to OR to 072 437 6432 (Whatsapp) so that we have the details to track the parcel. If you do not notify us, we will not know that the parcel has arrived and the parcel will be returned.

Please also read the below before making telephonic enquiries.  

Please also submit applications in writing using the forms which can be downloaded from this website ie do NOT APPLY ONLINE to the WCED. 

Interested in joining our maritime studies programme in Grade 10 in 2025?

All students  in Grade 9 in 2024 wishing to enrol for Simon’s Town School’s Maritime Studies programme and to apply for a bursary to stay at the Lawhill Hostel (a privately funded boarding facility for maritime students) need to apply before the deadline as indicated above.

Please also note that space is limited.

Applicants who are NOT currently enrolled at Simon’s Town School will be required to apply as follows:

1) Apply to join Simon’s Town School using this form


2025 APPLICATION FORM-03052024145002

PLEASE DO NOT apply ONLINE on the WCED website or via email  – you may only apply using the abovementioned form and  you need to submit the forms to us via post or courier – NOT EMAIL.

If you live in Simon’s Town and surrounds, you can hand in the form at the LAWHILL MARITIME CENTRE OFFICE once it has been completed. 

But if you live far away, and will also be applying for hostel accommodation and a bursary, you must post this form, together with the one below, to the address as provided on the Boarding and Bursary Application form below.  The forms and supporting documents must be posted or couriered to us (NOT emailed). 

2) Boarding and Bursary Application form:

2025form – hostel and bursary application-25

The link to the 2025 APPLICATION FORM is above – this form must be completed and submitted together with the Simon’s Town School form (as per link above).   Please note the Boarding and Bursary Application form must only be completed by those who:

– live away from Simon’s Town ie more than 1 hours drive from the school and who will not be able to commute to school on a daily basis and who wish to live at our hostel – called the Lawhill Maritime Centre.  Please note that in order to qualify for boarding, you need to take all three maritime subjects in Grade 10-12 as well as Mathematics and Physical Science.  Please ensure you have selected those subjects when you apply to the school.  We regret that we cannot accommodate non-maritime students in boarding.   

– wish to apply for a bursary to cover the costs of the school fees and  boarding.   This bursary is subject to the availability of funding and only those who have achieved a minimum of 60 percent in mathematics, physical science and English in Grade 9 will be considered. In order to be considered, parents do need to provide financial information not otherwise required for school enrolment, but required for purposes of bursary application.  Please note the requirements as per the application form below as well as the qualifying criteria.

And please note, failure to provide full information will result in your application NOT being considered.    Email if you have queries.


Please ensure you complete the forms in full and submit all the documents. Incomplete applications will be DISCARDED.

Forms need to be posted and marked; FOR ATTENTION – STS LAWHILL MARITIME CENTRE.  If you do not mark the envelope as aforementioned, the envelope may not reach us and the application not processed.

We regret that we will not accept applications on email or via fax.  Only original, posted applications will be considered.  You may also send the documents via POSTNET to the HARBOUR BAY SIMON’S TOWN Postnet Branch but please email with the details so we know to collect it. Or you can whatsapp us a photo of the Postnet Waybill to 072 437 6432.

Note:  This bursary is for students who have an interest in maritime and wish to pursue careers at sea or ashore.  Demand for skills in this sector is high and parents and students need to be aware that this opportunity is provided with a purpose – to attract young people into the maritime and related sectors.  It is not a FREE EDUCATION for someone wishing to pursue a career in another field.  As a result, students will no longer be permitted to take Life Sciences or other subjects with the intention of accessing other fields.


The completed form must reach us by the abovementioned deadline.

In addition to submitting applications by the above date, applicants also need to  submit their June/Term 2 results to us by latest end August.  REPORTS ONLY can be sent via post or via email to   Parents need to make a note to send this report to us  – we will not request it and failure to provide this Term 2 report will result in the application not being considered. 

Interviews with shortlisted candidates will take place in September/October.  Places will be confirmed by early November.  

Please do not contact us before mid November to enquire about the status of the application.  The application process is unlike that of other schools as ours involves communication with bursary sponsors etc before we can conclude.

Please note places are limited.


· The prospective applicant must be of the appropriate age for Grade 10, i.e. between 14 and 16 years on 1 January of the year that he/she will enter Grade 10.


· The prospective applicant must have a minimum of 60% pass in Mathematics, Natural Sciences and English in Grade 9 is required.

All those applying for a boarding bursary will be required to take all three maritime subjects ie Maritime Economics, Nautical Science, Marine Sciences as well as two languages and Mathematics and Physical Sciences and Life Orientation. (8 Subjects).

· A certified copy of the prospective applicant’s Grade 8 FULL YEAR report must be provided by the deadline  and a Term 2 report as soon as available.

IMPORTANT:  All learners will be required to provide an UNABRIDGED BIRTH CERTIFICATE ie a birth certificate which shows the names and ID number of  parents.  An abridged birth certificate which shows only the details of the child will not be accepted.  If you do not have an Unabridged Birth Certificate please apply for one ASAP and submit proof of the application to us via email to   We also require the certified IDs of the parents listed on the birth certificate.  Should a parent be deceased we need a certified copy of the death certificate.

· Because of the high standards of discipline at the STS Lawhill Maritime Centre, the applicant must provide a behavioural and academic reference from his/her present school principal.  We will not consider applications that do not include this.

· An excellent behavioural record is a prerequisite for any new entrants to the Maritime Programme. The Centre is managed to provide a structured, disciplined, yet pleasant and stimulating experience for students. Strict control of students is enforced by the entire Lawhill team in the interests of maintaining a professional and safe environment. Any student found contravening the Code of Conduct of Lawhill will be dealt with in the appropriate manner.

· Proof of community involvement (e.g. sports clubs; church clubs; youth clubs, etc) is required.

· We also want to see enthusiasm, positive attitudes and initiative (We look for OOMPH!)

· Although we do not require a medical fitness certificate, we caution about the following ailments that will preclude a student from entering a sea-going career epilepsy; diabetes; poor vision and/or colour blindness; any form of physical disability.

Thank you.